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Richard Gobbie DMD, MDS
George Deme DMD, MDS

Treatments for Adults

Treatments for AdultsThe need for orthodontic treatment is equally important for adults. When teeth are crooked they are more difficult to clean and they undergo uneven wear.

The result can be inflamed gums, bone erosion (which can only be detected in x-rays), and exposed roots of the teeth (periodontitis), which will eventually lead to premature tooth loss. Also when your teeth are crooked, your bite will be off and chances are you will not be chewing properly / efficiently. This will lead to the swallowing of partially chewed food and promote stomach irritation and discomfort.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

There is no age restriction for an orthodontic treatment. As long as the teeth are healthy, and more important, the bone supporting the teeth is healthy, orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age. Chances are treatment may take a little longer than in that of a teen since adult bone is more brittle and teeth may move a little slower.

Surgical Orthodontics for Adults

Surgical orthodontics is the combination of orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery in adults only, where there is no further growth expected. It is performed in cases where there is an acute dental and skeletal problem affecting the relationship of the jaws which in turn compromises the aesthetics of the face and the functional capacity of the jaws leading to the loss or impaired chewing, speech, and proper inter-digitation of the teeth.