Richard Gobbie DMD, MDS
George Deme DMD, MDS


Dr. Gobbie:

You are awesome!

Megan (Age 9)

My name is Alekos. For as long as I can remember, I was never happy with my face nor my teeth. My lower jaw stuck out too far. My mouth did not close properly, I could not chew my food well, I couldn’t bite with my front teeth and my teeth were always breaking down. For numerous years I had been treated by an orthodontist with removable appliances with no results.

When I visited Dr. Deme, I was for the first time informed of the possibility of surgical orthodontics. Watching and hearing the changes he was aiming to achieve, I immediately made the decision to follow his surgical treatment plan, a promise I also made to my mother before she passed away 7 or 8 months prior to the surgery. After the surgery I wore a splint on my upper teeth and my mouth could not open too much as I was wearing 4 elastics. I never experienced any pain but for 3-4 weeks my face was very itchy.

Today all my friends and acquaintances tell me how much more beautiful my face looks! For me, the biggest and most important change and improvement is that of my profile! Finally, the patience that Dr. Deme showed while explaining every step of this complex treatment, his reinforcement whether it applied to brushing, elastic wearing or other treatment procedures and the courage that he gave me to cope with the surgical uncertainties that I had helped me complete my treatment successfully and ultimately find my best self… find my best smile!


Dear Dr. Gobbie:

I was a patient of yours in the late 80s and early 90s. I had an appliance and then braces for what felt like a million years, but I am so glad I went through it because I love my smile now. I'm attaching a picture of me and my niece to show you how well it all turned out. I am pretty sure you told me I'd thank you someday despite the pain you put me through, so I'll thank you now.

P.S. If my math is correct, I'm around the same age you were when I was your patient. Which seems impossible since you seemed SO old :-)

Liz A.

Forever thanking Dr. Gobbie for the great smile I'm sure to use everyday of my life!

Emily G.

Dr Gobbie provides me with excellent service,reasonable costs, pleasant, upbeat office visits and a smile that I no longer have to hide. I'm so glad I found him and his staff!

Cindy H.

Love these guys. If you are looking for the proper treatment for your family member, come here!

Frank L.

Dr. Gobbie and his team have taken care of my children for years. I could not be happier with their teeth! Thanks a million!

Paul K.

I had my teeth straightened here, when no other orthodontist could help. Dr Gobbie did an excellent job. He made a plan and did what I wanted, where all other orthodontists said my teeth were straight. But not in my eyes, they weren't. Dr. Gobbie fixed them to my likings. I would recommend him to anybody who needs their teeth straightened.

Debra M.

Dr.Deme is by far the best orthodontist around! I always look forward to going on Thursdays.

Valerie C.

Great doctors, friendly staff, beautiful results!

Jamie W.