Richard Gobbie DMD, MDS
George Deme DMD, MDS


It all started when I wanted to put crowns on my small upper canine teeth which I didn’t like. After visiting a dentist, I was told that I would have to have them extracted as they were baby teeth, and orthodontic treatment in order to bring in my impacted canine teeth. I wanted to avoid orthodontics so I visited another 5 doctors but I was told the same.

I finally made the decision to get the teeth extracted and started treatment with a doctor near my house as the next nearest orthodontist was at least 30 kms away. As the months went by I started getting upset as I noticed no progress and the treatment time was being extended. The doctor insisted that it was not due to his technique and that the teeth were the issue.

While visiting a friend, I found out her husband was a dentist, and after describing my ongoing problem with my teeth he recommended that I visit Dr. Deme. I decided to discontinue treatment with my doctor and started with Dr. Deme. I ended up having my palate split and expanded, my right canine tooth came into position while my left canine had to be extracted as it was stuck to the bone.

I was very hesitant initially for all the procedures that were recommended to me, but I had great trust in Dr. Deme because he explained everything he planned to do using visual aids. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatment with Dr. Deme. A big positive was the clean and friendly office setting. I recommend him unconditionally!


Dr. Deme is an exceptional orthodontist, particularly accomplished and well trained in his field. He helped me overcome my problem, which was not only orthodontic in nature. I ended up at his office due to the severe headaches I was suffering from. After a series of tests I hadn’t found their cause and I decided to visit an orthodontist. Indeed, my malocclusion was throwing my bite off and causing me to grind and clench my teeth, which in turn caused pain in my jaws and wore my teeth.

After a year and a half in treatment, my headaches are gone and in the meantime I acquired an amazing smile! The techniques that Dr. Deme uses are contemporary and effective while he himself is very friendly. His office is also is very cheerful and warm, a colorful paradise for children!


From the start I wanted to wear braces and found the whole treatment exciting as I watched my teeth change from month to month. Thank you Dr. Deme, you’re the best. I love my new smile! I can’t believe these are my own teeth!


When I decided to get braces at the age of 18 I was troubled by the following:

The first and most important was the aesthetics. I was troubled that the metal braces would stick out a lot. Also when I found out I would need to have teeth extracted I was concerned that the spaces would show. All these issues were resolved upon commencing treatment. I got ceramic braces that blended with my teeth. As far as the extractions were concerned, I had 3 teeth removed and luckily towards the back so the spaces were hardly noticeable. Also, any discomfort I had during the treatment was immediately resolved with wax that Dr. Deme had provided me with, or a quick visit to the office.

At the end I ended up getting my braces off earlier than anticipated. And when I saw the final result I came to realize that before, not only were my teeth crooked but that they had also stuck out quite a bit.

Overall, my treatment experience with Dr. Deme and his assistant was extremely positive with regards to making appointments (which was especially trying for me as I studied outside of Athens), the financial planning or his very friendly and polite demeanor. The office environment is amazing with the pleasant movies, and ideal for children, (the nicest office I have ever been to).

I unconditionally recommend to all those having an orthodontic problem, (whether it be a large or small one), to fix their teeth with Dr. Deme.


Thank you for saving my smile!

Erica K.

Sometimes people take for granted things we do every day like to eat with our mouth closed or be able to bite and chew food without that terrible cracking sound in the back of our jaw. Sometimes I would feel pain and had a hard time chewing. I never liked the way my teeth looked so I would hide my huge overjet it by moving my bottom teeth foreword, which would cause the pain.

I am so glad that I went through the whole process of fixing my problem at Dr. Deme’ practice. I was also very lucky that he suggested using two small mini-implants on either side, on my top jaw, which sped up the whole process and was not painful at all. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Deme for helping me look and feel so much better.


Dr. Gobbie:

Thank you so much for your great work! I will miss seeing you each month! God bless you!

Leigh M.

I gave a lot of thought whether at the age of 29 I would undergo a second orthodontic treatment, after the unspeakable pain I endured from the first. I didn’t know if I could handle it, but as Dr. Deme said, it had to be done. Aside from the pain, I was also concerned about the aesthetics. Now eight months later, I am enjoying the results. The pain only lasted a couple of days and was bearable. No comparison to what I had endured in my previous treatment. The doctor-patient relationship was impeccable and the result vindicated my choice 100%!


Dr. Gobbie & Staff:

Thank you all for the great experience Rachel has had in your practice. I so appreciate the careful care you gave her and everyone was so kind. I'm hoping we will be seeing you again soon with Joshua. I'm still trying to talk my husband into it! Anyway, thank you again!

Shari & Rachel H.

When my parents told me that I was to get braces I was terrified. I remember visiting the office for the first time and while waiting for my turn I was scared, worried, and full of doubts about my ensuing treatment. When though the orthodontist confronted me for the first time all these feelings left me. His smile and his demeanor inspired a sense of trust and certainty in me and in conjunction with the beautifully decorated office, which created a very personal and familiar atmosphere, I was able to relax and started to view things in a more positive light.

I am glad that I didn’t let my fears get the best of me and that I trusted my orthodontist, because the combination of his detailed work, his care and his patience, led to a terrific result! My smile is now probably one of my best features, something that others complement me on and admire. All this I owe to my beloved and very good orthodontist, Dr. George Deme.